Too busy to organize your photos? We'll do it for you.

We organize photo collections to help get you back on track with preserving your


  • Whether you're a parent seeking to organize thousands of family photos or a business owner in need of keywording & editing for your visual assets, we save you time by tackling your massive jumble of digital photos & videos.
  • We consolidate by removing things like duplicates and blurry images.
  • We edit for optimal enhancement.
  • Finally, we send you your newly organized photo collection as a folder with well-structured subfolders within, ready to be added to your cloud storage and external hard drive, allowing you to have a fresh start on managing new photos.

What We Do



Step 1. Select a Package.

Step 2. Send your photos. That's it.

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The Organizer
$1 for every 100 photos/videos


  • Organization (by year & month/event)

Photos: De-clutters by removing duplicates, blurred photos, over/underexposed photos and lackluster compositions. Rotates.

Videos: Removes blurred/empty videos.

Completion Time

1000-8000 photos/videos

3 day turnaround

9000+ photos/videos

4+ day turnaround

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The Editor
$1.50 for every 100 photos/videos


  • Organization (by year & month/event)

  • Photo Editing

Photos: De-clutters + Adjusts exposure, contrast, sharpening, color balance, & add'l settings.

Videos: Removes blurred/empty videos + rotates, trims, and corrects exposure as needed.

Completion Time

1000-8000 photos/videos

4 day turnaround

9000+ photos/videos

5+ day turnaround


The Boss
$2 for every 100 photos/videos


  • Organization (by year & month/event)

  • Photo Editing

  • Keywording


Photos: De-clutters + Adjusts exposure, contrast, sharpening, color balance, & add'l settings + Adds keywords.

Videos: Removes blurred/empty videos + rotates, trims, and corrects exposure as needed.

Completion Time

1000-8000 photos/videos

5 day turnaround

9000+ photos/videos

6+ day turnaround


Frequently asked questions

Can you explain the process?

To get started, simply select a package and send us all of the photos and videos you want to be organized from your phone, tablet, cloud storage, desktop/laptop, memory cards, cd's, social media accounts, flash drives, and external hard drives. Here are 2 ways to send your photos: 1. Copy all of your photos to a flash drive or external hard drive (256gb, 512gb, or 1tb are recommended depending on the size of your collection) & send it to our mailing address (provided upon request) in a padded envelope marked "fragile". Just drag & drop your photos/folders onto a drive and drop it in the mail. Alternatively, you can mail us your photo storage devices (memory cards, cd's, flash drives, external hard drives) if you'd rather have us handle the task of transferring photos. *We charge 25 cents per device for transferring photos from devices for you.

2. If your entire photo collection is in one place (ex. Dropbox, Google Photos, Amazon Photos, Google Drive, etc), you can share a folder or link with Once we receive your photos, we'll send you a confirmation email w/ a digital invoice. Upon receipt of your deposit (50% due initially, remaining 50% due upon completion), organization of your photos will begin. Once complete, we'll send your organized photo collection (and return any storage devices you sent us) to you using the same method you used to send us your photos. *Please note: Photo Boss Co. works exclusively with digital photos. We don't digitize prints.

What does THE ORGANIZER include?

The Organizer de-clutters and consolidates your collection by removing duplicates, near duplicates, blurred photos, blank photos, and under/overexposed photos. The Organizer also rotates photos into the correct landscape or portrait orientation, and removes blurred and empty videos from your collection. Further into the process, your photos and videos are grouped by year and month/event. To top it off, we rename the images in each month/event album for optmized structure.

What does THE EDITOR include?

The Editor includes the work of The Organizer with the addition of photo editing. Adjustments to settings such as exposure, contrast, sharpening, and color balance will be made to enhance your photos. Rotation, trim, and exposure adjustments are also made to your videos, as needed. We use professional editing software to ensure your photos look their best. First, we process your photos using an AI photo editing software, then we carefully review each photo for quality control using Adobe Lightroom and make adjustments as needed. For videos, we utilize Adobe Premiere Rush to make basic adjustments, as needed.

How is Photo Boss Co. different from apps like Google Photos?

We're a personalized photo management service for individuals who want to keep their photos organized, but don’t have the time or desire to do it themselves. We recognize the value photography holds in everyday life and we understand the importance of preserving memories, resulting in our process of high-quality organization. How we stand out from the crowd:

  • Forward-thinking: We provide an alternative to apps like Google Photos that leave most of the work of consolidation, editing and album creation up to you, which typically results in a stream of endless photos that aren't properly structured or stored for the future.
    • When we consolidate, we free up valuable space.
    • When we create albums, we rename all of your photos and group them by year and month or year and event, optimizing structure and making your photos easier to find. Our album creation process is especially beneficial because with most photo management apps, your photos are only organized within that app, causing you to download numerous disorganized images anytime you want to export them elsewhere. With us, your photo collection stays organized no matter where you export it.
    • When we edit, we ensure your photos look their best by editing them with professional software...this means no more time spent painstakingly editing individual photos yourself or playing roulette with "auto" settings.
    • If you select a package that includes keywording, we add descriptive text to the metadata of each photo which makes searching your collection even easier.
    • To top it all off, we do a personalized review of each photo in your collection to ensure that efficient consolidation and editing has been performed.
All of this gets compiled into a folder with well-structured subfolders within that you can backup and store with ease on an external hard drive or cloud storage account with a quick "drag & drop". We're not interested in setting you up with an endless stream of photos, or creating quirky miniature movies, collages, and animations (although those can be fun). Our priority is helping you structure and store your photos properly for the future. Best of all, you can use Photo Boss Co. once to get your photo collection in order and then take over the management of future photos yourself, or you can use Photo Boss Co. on a regular basis so that you never have to worry about your collection falling out of order again. Ultimately, we save busy adults the time of having to organize their photo collections themselves + the heartache of potentially losing precious memories to poor photo management. Most importantly, we empower our customers by giving them a fresh start on managing new additions to their photo collection by giving structure to everything from the past.

What does THE BOSS include?

The Boss includes the work of The Editor with the addition of keywording. We add descriptive text to the metadata of each photo which makes searching your collection even easier. This is a great option for businesses.




-Asha Bryant - Photo Professional (portfolio link)

I'm a Creative who studied at the Art Institute of Philadelphia, and I decided to create Photo Boss Co. after realizing that it had become commonplace for people to store endless streams of disorganized photos on their phones (along with various media devices containing precious memories scattered around their homes). Most of these photos were neither organized or stored properly, so I started a mission to emphasize photo preservation and photo enhancement because I want your photo collection to last long past your lifetime while being easy to access and search. 




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