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The Organizer

Choose one of the 2 methods to send your photos

Then, click here to let us know your name & the method you'll be using.


Next, send us your photos and once we receive them, we'll send you a confirmation email w/ a digital invoice. Upon receipt of your deposit (50% due initially, remaining 50% due upon completion), organization of your photos will begin. Once complete, we'll send your organized photo collection (and return any storage devices you sent us) to you using the same method you used to send us your photos.

***Be sure to include all of the photos and videos you want to be organized from your phone, tablet, cloud storage, desktop/laptop, memory cards, cd's, social media accounts, flash drives, and external hard drives

Method 1

Drag & Drop all of your photos onto a flash drive or external hard drive (256gb, 512gb, or 1tb are recommended depending on the size of your collection) & send it to our mailing address (provided upon request) in a padded envelope marked "fragile" (Please use tracked mail & send us the tracking #). Alternatively, you can mail us your photo storage devices (memory cards, cd's, flash drives, external hard drives) if you'd rather have us handle the task of transferring photos. *We charge an add'l 50 cents per 100 photos when transferring photos from devices for you.

Method 2

If your entire photo collection is in one place (ex. Dropbox, Google Photos, Amazon Photos, Google Drive, etc), you can share a folder or link with

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